CAM Conversation E-Transit Real World Range and Assessing Customers Uses

Going the distance – How to Maximize Battery Range with Your E-Transit Vehicle is a new brochure recently distributed to Ford Pro™ Commercial Vehicle Centers.

Your customers want Real World facts. E-Transit is good for business. In this session we will explore best practices for range, impact of weather and payload on range, and an overview of how the Ford Pro™ EV Consulting team can support your customers as they are planning their transition to Electric Vehicles.

We know you have questions. Send them in advance or have them ready to inquire during the session. Our experts for this session will be Mark Poll, Manager, Ford Pro™ Charging, Andrew (Drew) Walker, Ford Pro™ EV Product Marketing Manager, and Jennifer Mitchell, Ford Pro™ E-Transit Brand Manager.

The future of vehicles is electric…and Ford is leading the way.